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AA APP:: Ikea Kallou by NightFisher AA APP:: Ikea Kallou by NightFisher




though a word of warning haha,,, lately ive been kind of shying away from notes rps just because i find it difficult right now to find the energy to sit down and actually write them...(if you prefer notes that's fine though! I'd still be happy to rp with you! just be warned i might just,, randomly take a couple of days or weeks to reply,,,) and im also getting more comfortable talking with people in real time? So skype is more preferred but i'll also be trying to drop into the chat rooms for once (CAN YOU BELIEVE I HAVE NEVER RP'D IN A CHATROOM? ME NEITHER. PLEASE BE KIND AND CORRECT ME IF I DO SOMETHING WEIRD OR WRONG I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT.) If you would like my skype, please send me a note! As for chatrooms, i'll try to drop by in the evenings, and sometimes in the afternoon. :> !! <3333 thank you!!!  

hahaha, once i saw this cute group i couldn't resist!! ' v ' anthros are a little hard for me, but i hope he turned out okay~

he looks a little feminine in his picture (darn fly out shorts) and his name also is kinda cute, but i assure he's a guy ; v ; just you're typical transfer student from outer space <33

PS. I'm still working on his app, but since i have a good lot of it done, I thought I might as well post it~ 

[ G E N E R A L ]

   N A M E: Ikea Kallou

   S P E C I E S(#): Clefairy (#035)

   A G E:  15

   G E N D E R: Male

   B I R T H D A Y:  May 17th


   N A T U R E: Quirky

   C H A R A C T E R S T I C: Impetuous and silly


   A B I L I T Y: Magic Guard: The Pokémon only takes damage from attacks.

   M O V E S E T: 

         + Sing : A soothing lullaby is sung in a calming voice that puts the target into a deep slumber.

         + Cosmic Power : The user absorbs a mystical power from space to raise its Defense and Sp. Def stats.

         + Moonlight : The user restores its own HP. The amount of HP regained varies with the weather.

         + Sweet Kiss : The user kisses the target with a sweet, angelic cuteness that causes confusion.

[ S C H O O L   C H A R A C T E R I S T I C S ]

   G R A D E: 9th grade

   S C H E D U L E: 

        + English: English I

        + Social Studies: Philosophy

        + Math: Geometry

        + Science: Earth Science/Astronomy

        + Performing Arts II: Theater

        + Family Science: Human Ecology/Parenting

      E X C E L L E D: Astronomy

      S P O R T: Swimming


[ O T H E R ]

   P E R S O N A L I T Y:


   E X T R A:

      + One of the first things he saw when coming to earth was an IKEA building. He liked the name and decided to call himself that.

      + He rather enjoys singing, and was even in chorus at one point, but his singing voice has a tendency to make people feel drowsy and fall asleep. It sounds similar to vocaloid/puppycat.

      + He loves fashion, and literally any kind of fashion; he'll wear just about anything (even if it makes him look like a girl). He prefers colorful clothing though.

      + He only took swimming because he likes floating under water and feeling weightless. Sometimes he gets so distracted that forgets to breathe and starts drowning… (please save him.)

      + He loves to stay up late (not an early bird at all) and look at the stars; on days with full moons though he acts… a little strangely, spacing out a lot and not able to focus on anything. He sneaks out during the night and disappears, but is always back in bed by morning. If you watch him carefully, you might see him floating a little.

      + His english isn't the best. He knows enough to get by pretty well, but he doesn't know long or complicated words, and idioms confuse him. He might also mix up similar sounding words.

      + He claims he's from Canada(?), but after a bit of prying it's pretty easy to see this is a lie. You would only believe this if you're as gullible as he is.

      + If you teasingly flirt with him, he'll 'flirt' right back (thinking you're complimenting him in a platonic way). He might even give you a sweet kiss~ (Unless you say he looks 'out of this world' or something, in which case he begins to freak out that you know where he's really from)

      + What on earth is technology

      + He likes video games, but usually only more peaceful ones like katamari/journey/parappa. Things with lots of blood and gore frighten him…

      + Really messy

      + Eats like a hamster

      + If you give him a flower he will probably eat it

      + Pansexual, though it's actually really hard for him to imagine you might be attracted to him. He's not very familiar with human/anthro courtship, and any signs of affection you throw to him will be regarded as a platonic gesture, unless you spell it out for him that it's not. (In which case he will get very flustered.)

      + He's simultaneously thinks ghosts are amazing and terrifying.

      + Vegetarian (he loves fruits)

   F A V   F O O D: Pineapples

   H O B B I E S: Singing, arranging rocks into circles, videogames, chess (though he's not very good at it), swimming, making a fool of himself

  T H E M E  S O N G (S): Jem - Down To Earth okay maybe not really a theme song but it fits v. well

  R E L A T I O N S H I P S :

    + CHRISTIAN : "He's my prince and I'm sworn to protect him! (Even if he is kinda mean sometimes!)"

            He was fooled into thinking Christian was a prince, and now he's been made a knight and sworn to protect him with his life! He thinks he can be a bit harsh at times (especially about his clothes, which he sees nothing wrong with) but he thinks he's kind of lonely and probably a nice guy, so he hangs around him. Also because he's a PRINCE HOW COOL IS THAT?? 

+ RIEMEL : "He's really nice and he stood up for me and buys me gifts and he's even a fellow knight!! I can't wait to get to know him better!"

          Ikea was so happy to meet Riemel! I mean, even besides the fact he was going to buy him clothes, he seems like a very nice guy and he's happy that he got to meet him. Though he can seem a bit detached at times, Ikea can sense a kind soul inside of him, and would be more than happy to know more about him and call him is friend.

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