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December 8, 2013
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HPM Loxias Vielle by NightFisher HPM Loxias Vielle by NightFisher

12/23/13 -- :iconryojidaisyplz: yaaay i got in!!! Feel free to hit me up with a note if you wanna talk with this dork <33 If you want to just talk in general with me, i dont mind exchanging  skypes! ^^

12/18/13 -- My application for :iconharvest-pokemoon: hahaha he's such a huge dork

Name: Loxias Fiachra Vielle (Loxias is another name for Apollo, Fiachra is the name of one of the children in an Irish fairytale who is turned into a swan for 900 years, as well as the name of an Irish saint associated with gardeners, and Vielle just kinda sounds nice with Loxias. It’s an old stringed instrument, similar to a viola.)
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Pokemon: Swanna
Height: 5'7"
Bodystyle: Athletic
Birthday: February 23rd (Pisces)
Home Island: Amusement Archipelago
Ability: Keen eye: Accuracy cannot be lowered!


    + Dreamer

    + Trust Issues

    + Moody

    + Sympathetic

    + Stubborn

        First and foremost, Loxias is a dreamer. He prefers the imaginary world to the real world, and often is lost in his thoughts about myths and stories, as well as just recent happenings. Unfortunely his tendency to reflect so much often leads him to contemplate situations and delve deeper into people's actions and come to conclusions that is not necessarily true to their nature. He also has a tendency to spend more time watching people's emotions and their actions instead of the words they say, finding words to be easy to fool people and is not easy to trusts strangers on their word. Despite this though, when talking with friends it can be hard for Loxias to shut up, often just saying the first thing that comes to his mind, which can sometimes be pretty weird. Even when Loxias considers someone a friend though, he's careful not to let them in too close; he'll trust them to a certain extent, yes, but it's hard for him to completely let someone completely in. For most of the time, he's willing to work along with people, but there's some morals and lines he will not cross, and when it comes to those lines, he's very stubborn about not crossing them. It can also be hard to get his forgiveness if you try to manipulate him or give him the wrong idea about yourself.

    Other than that, Loxias can be uh... pretty moody. When he invests his emotions into something, it's all out. He makes some pretty funny expressions b/c of that. Little things can sway him and make him upset, or happy too. And once he trusts someone, even a little bit, he'll sympathize with them over their fortunes and misfortunes. (He sympathy cries)




   Loxias was born on a foggy February morning, and became the happy only child of his family. They lived in a small town not too far from a big city. He often spent his youth playing out in the fields – and lord, his favorite past time was swimming in the local pond. He loved how he could move freely and feel weightless as he glided through the water, and he would spend hours upon hours in that pond feeling like he was flying through the sky without a worry in the world. (Which he was ironically terrible at when his wings grew large enough to fly. It took many scraped knees, salty tears, and rescues from trees before he accepted the fact he was not a natural born flier.) He spent his days with his mother, who ran a local flower shop. She home schooled him the basic elementary things, and also taught him about the language of flowers, as well as introduced him to the world of magic, with things like tarot card readings and magic tricks. She loved all things that seemed a little bit more than just an ordinary life—myths, magic, tales from old. It did not take Loxias long to become enamored with all of these things; he loved to ‘see’ things in everything. He liked to watch the grass sway in the fields and pretended nymphs were greeting him, to look to the sun and instead see Apollo drag his mighty chariot across the sky, to pull cards from a deck and try to predict the future.

    His father did not leave such cheerful hope in him—not that he was a dreary man or anything, just that he was extremely superstitious. He inherited his family’s ladder company, but soon accidentally broke a mirror and bad luck seemed to plague him. There were manufacturing malfunctions, unexpected family deaths, and really not a single thing seemed to be going for him. After seven long years, it seemed his curse was finally broken when he met Loxias’s mother. After that, his life seemed to make a big 360; he was married, his business was finally going his way, and he had a beautiful baby boy. Unfortunately, he was still extremely afraid of any source of bad luck, and instilled that fear into Loxias – you will never see a man tread so carefully around salt, black cats, mirrors, cracks on the sidewalk...anything that could potentially curse him for years.

    After several years of living with his parents in the country, there came the time when they decided they wanted Loxias to go to school; he was about middle school age, and his mother felt there was still more that he needed to learn which she could not teach him. They sent him to live with his grandfather in the nearby city and go to the school there. His grandfather operated a small shop where he made intricate music boxes and bird singing boxes. Though Loxias never picked up the trade, (he just couldn’t find himself to sit still long enough to ever focus enough and learn how to) they became one of the things he remembers most about his childhood, and listening to one never fails to calm him down.

    In school, Loxias did well; not FABULOUS, but you know, he got by. It was more of a kind of culture shock for him though than anything; he had friends, sure, but they all had OTHER friends too, friends they would probably rather want to hang out with than him, and they all had a habit of kind of teasing him for being so superstitious and knowing so much about myths and magic, and every now and then a confident teacher would criticize him for spending so too time in the clouds and fairytales and not enough time on his studies. It made him homesick, it made him feel empty, and he hated it, to be honest. His fantasies only got more vivid, he began to speak less and less, and little by little he became more and more jaded.

            It didn’t take long for his parents to notice there was something upsetting him – though they would ask and ask, they only got short answers like “it’s fine”, “it’s nothing,” and the like. To Loxias’s woe, their solution was to drag him off to do ‘family things’ to try and reconnect with him. For many weeks and months he sat through movies, lectures, symphonies (okay, some of them he enjoyed. But he won’t admit that any time soon) until one day one thing finally captured his attention. His parents had brought him to a ballet performance, Coppelia to be specific.

    And the way he watched them move, it was like magic; they didn’t just dance, they didn’t just hop and skip around and twirl; they were muses, they flowed, they slipped through the air, they were emotions and they could convey so much more love or sadness than any story, any word, any breath.


   And it was destiny. Within days he had convinced his parents to enroll him into a class. And he practiced, and practiced, he lost himself in his emotions, and he could feel his stress melt away, and he remembered something he hadn’t felt in a long time; he felt like he was in the sky again, that he didn’t have a worry in the world. He felt he was home again, he felt like he could love his stories, myths, and magic, and feel accepted there. Now to be honest though, he wasn’t the best in the world – hell, he wasn’t the best in the class, but he was happy. He actually even made some friends who he trusted reasonably. It was no surprise when he finally graduated high school he continued his studies as a dancer.

    And for a few years, everything was fine. Loxias worked harder and harder, got better and better – he got a little bit more competitive, stopped looking up to his fellow dancers, and started looking at them as equals. He started pushing for major instead of minor roles, and finally he was able to convince his instructors he was ready.


   But it all fell apart. One fall, that’s all it took during rehearsal. One careless mistake, one extra thought, and his leg simply couldn’t take it anymore. As they carried him to the doctor, all he could remember was how instructors told him over and over again to focus on form, to land properly, to not put your weight there, but here, and it destroyed him. Not just his leg, but his heart. And while he was in shambles, trying to recover, words, words which he thought could never mean anything to him, ultimately finished him.

“You can’t do ballet anymore.” The doctors told him. “You’ll recover now, but if you put that amount of stress again, ever, you may never be able to stand again.”  The rest he didn’t even bother remember.

   By 25, he had finally recovered from his fall, at least physically. Loxias was fine for the most part; he could walk around without feeling pain anymore at least. But he didn’t know what to do now. He was with his mother again, just like he had begun, helping her with her store. He only had high school level education, no college degree – nor did he really want one, or the debt that came with it. He still was depressed over his dream, and was at a loss on what to do.  He finally decided to journey around instead of just sitting at home, at least try to find something. He mostly just traveled on foot, trains, buses, whatever cheap public transport he could find, and take small part time jobs when he needed money. After searching for almost a year, he came across a small chain of islands which seemed perfect. He knew enough plants from his mother while he worked at her shop, and thought it would be a good idea to buy a small piece of land with what little money he had and become a farmer/gardener, and start his life over again.

Job: Farmer
Farm Name: Prospernia Farm

Dog Race: Swirlix (Female)
Dog’s name: Nephele
Nature: Impish and Loves to eat

Fun Facts regarding Nephele:

            + Loxias has mistaken his fluffy friend for a sheep. It’s kinda sad. Nothing will be able to convince him Nephele is a dog. NOTHIINGGG

            + He found Nephele while journeying around the world, trying to find his place. When he was unable to find a place to stay one cold night, he curled up in an alley way, and when he woke, he found Nephele curled up next to him for warmth. He fed her some of his left over food, and since then they stuck together.

            + She might er uh, take a nibble or two on Loxias's crops. just a nibble! maybe./


            + Rain Dance: (Power : --/PP: 5)  The user summons rain. (this can be quite helpful for watering all the plants on the farm, though Loxias often prefers to water them by hand instead.)

            + Feather Dance: (Power: --/PP: 15) The user covers the target with down to sharply lower the attack stat.

            + Aqua Ring: (Power: --/PP: 20) The user envelops itself in a veil of water, restoring some health each turn.

            + Aerial Ace: (Power: 60/PP:20) The user confounds the target with speed, then slashes. The attack lands without fail.



+ Ballet Dancing: the biggest thing he does in his spare time, or uh, COUGH, used to. He feels he can express himself better than words ever could when he is in movement. It tortures him when he has to sit still. He sometimes puts on a mask and performs despite his doctor’s orders stressing him not to. 

+ Tarot Card Readings: One of the many little things he picked up when he became fascinated with magic and fortune.

+ Elaborate Plan making: He uh… sometimes gets a little out of hand when it comes to things that involve planning, such as parties, pranks, whatever. He can get so into detail and so excited and anxious at the same time that it might be better to just assign this job to someone else before he goes overboard.


+ Feeling: He responds a lot better/picks up a lot more about those around him through their body language and expressions than through words. Actions will always mean more to him than words. He’s extremely sensitive to touch, and if you (purposefully) startle/scare him, well... I hope you don’t mind a black eye for a while.

+ Very Superstitious: Blacks cats, mirrors, things that go creak in the night, you name it. He’s incredibly superstitious about anything related bad luck. On the other side though, he likes to collect things that have good luck as well.

+ Enjoys reading into everything: Flowers, rocks, weather, zodiac, anything with hidden meanings are subject to his curiosity. If he gets you a gift, chances are it’s going to have some sort of hidden message which he might get passive-aggressively upset about if you don’t figure it out.

+ Fruit Pastries: His favorite type of food. Usually candies and other desserts are too sweet for him, but pastries with fruit are sweet yet tart enough for him to enjoy.

+ Instruments: Is actually really bad at playing instruments. He might have some musical talent, but god knows he just tries to kinda dance and play it at the same time and ends up injuring everyone involved. He does enjoy listening to symphonies, music boxes, as well as electronic music, oddly enough.

+Strength: Though he has a lean body style and may look like he isn’t strong, years of practice in ballet has made him, well, not incredibly strong, but a lot stronger than he looks. He doesn’t have trouble doing work around the farm, except when he puts too much stress on his foot; he tends to ignore pain though, which… is not the best thing.

+ Weather: His favorite weather is fog. He finds it to be rather symbolic.

+ Personification: He often likes to personify things around him, give them names and feelings and backstories. It starts getting really hard to throw them away, so he tends to hoard things; his house is pretty cluttered.

+ Swimming & Flying: As a child, Loxias loved to swim and feel weightless as he glided through the water; diving was, and still is one of his favorite things to do in his spare time. Unfortunately, he was never a great flier; even when he turned into a swanna, his flying never really improved and thus he tends to avoid flying if he can.

+ When he's nervous he has a tendency to pluck the feathers out of his wings unconsciously. 

+ He will leave 'subtle' hints to buy Vielle brand ladders if you don't own one already.

+ He has a high pain tolerance.

+ Will dote over your character somewhat aggressively if they are hurt, until they get better or really fed up with him


Status: single so ready to mingle

 Orientation: :icongaysealplz: (though,, i suppose in reality... if your a character is a girl and they get along really well, i'm willing to make him bi)


Loved: four-leafed clovers, strawberry shortcake

Liked: Good luck charms, fruit pastries, things with positive connotations in meaning, music boxes, singing bird boxes, aquamarines  (just the stone or jewelry will make him happy, as long as it's not too feminine)

Disliked: Anything that might have a negative connotation in meaning (a flower whose meaning is rejection or something like that), extremely sugary foods (cake, candies, etc., excluding pastries), ballet related objects (a kind of bittersweet gift for him)

Hated: marigolds, weeds

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Ciress Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2013
Awww, everything about this guy is cute...
You put together such a nice profile- and the art is beautiful; especially the highlighting around the hair and wings, it has such a nice effect, not to mention the lovely tint of red around his nose and cheeks~

Pfff, the part about the black eye really got me though, hehe.
Does he react similarly with surprise hugs?  ...I'm finding myself curious.  XD;

If you might be interested, I'd love to roleplay with you?
I'm open to any method you might prefer.
NightFisher Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha, thank you so much! <33 you're so sweet omg ; v ;

pffft proBABLY but if it's someone he likes and they do it a lot, i suppose he would get used to it ' w ' do i sense surprise hugs in his future??

but yes, i would love to rp with you! i prefer notes really ' v ' do you want to start, or would you rather i being?
Ciress Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013
Of course; you did a nice job!  <3  ^^

Aww, hehe, sounds like surprise hugs could end up being quite a bit of fun with him!
At least, from the viewing end.  XDD
And probably?  Lyn doesn't exactly have much of a personal bubble, surprise hugs could definitely be in the future if you have him around, kehe.  XD 

Alrighty then, notes would be good.  ^^
And I would be good with whoever you would prefer to have start~
If I'm starting though, I'd like to ask about any setting preferences for Loxias?
And I can throw Lyn in anywhere, if you'd prefer to start.
NightFisher Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
out of the blue, im actually feeling motivated to rp today! ' v ' (ive been on a fantasy rp binge for the past couple fo the days but i think its FINALLY ending so??? hahha thats good. i feel bad putting everyone off for rps ; o ; ) 
I have some other said rps to respond to, but once im done with those i'll send you a note! ' 7 ' )/
ill probably just have loxi drop by his restaurant for when they first meet, and then we can go from there?? UNLESS... you want them to meet up for that event?? the starry night ball? that could work too :>

Ciress Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2014
Aw, yay!  ^^
-pats-  It's alright; I'm pretty sure everyone has periods where they just take a break and such.

Ah, then I shall be looking forward to it!  : D
And his restaurant would work fine; a slow day could give them a nice introduction to work from.  ^^

Aw, meeting at the ball sounds like a lot of fun~  However, I do currently have Lyn in the middle of an rp for the festival, and I'm not sure how it will be ending.
We could always perhaps plot something similar later on though, if that sounds like fun.
I feel like I'd love to see Loxias in a dancing environment sometime, but I apologize that I'm probably getting ahead of myself now (I do that) lol.  XD;
crispilee Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ah I always fund myself looking back at this app because it is just so amazingly done ;v; if you would like to rp sometime when you're not busy I would appreciate it >v>
NightFisher Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
ahh thank you haha ; v ; i would love to rp! ive been kinda of obsessively playing dragon age lately but i think its starting to fade so,,, HOPEFULLY YOU'LL SEE THAT RP NOTE SOMETIME SOON <33 
crispilee Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hehe just note me whenever >w<
ArrowofChaos Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2013  Student General Artist
Amigosh he got in~ if you'd like to rp that would be pretty sweet :iconilikeitplz:
NightFisher Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yeah, i would love to! \( ' 7 ' )/ All of your characters seem really cool ; v ; id really like it if you could send me a note sometime?? (i could send you one if you would like, though it might take awhile orz)
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